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A Letter From Our President

In 2005, when Quality Construction by VM was founded, it was just me and a small crew, purchasing homes in need of repair, fixing them up and re-selling them. Since then we have grown into a full service construction company with 36 employees. I am proud to say that the growth and success of QCbyVM cannot be attributed to an easy market or lack of competition. In fact, the past 4 years have been the toughest in recent memory for the construction business. We have seen numerous companies in our field fail. Why have we grown? For that, we can thank our long list of satisfied customers, our company culture of excellence and value to the customer and a unique and effective company structure.

QCbyVM maintains a steady group of permanent employees and four permanent project managers. With this system we are able to foster and maintain a company culture of quality, efficiency and true value to our customers and clients. Project managers each have a permanent team, experienced in working together. With a clear delineation of roles and a common history of success, these teams have developed a pride of product that is at the heart of our customer’s satisfaction. The development of standardized policies and procedures at worksites, and the teams close integration also results in projects being completed in a much shorter time, providing savings that we pass on to our customer.

We are excited for the future. After years of stagnation in the construction industry, thing are starting to look up. As the market grows, so will we. We plan to grow in our extensive service offerings and we will continue to improve the quality, speed and cost of our services to ensure that when you are in need of a construction company, Quality Construction by VM will always be the best choice.

-Vadim Zyubanov

Our Services

Custom Residential Building

Full service residential building services for individual homeowners and investors.

Commercial Tenant Improvements

Able to handle projects with special needs and compliance issues.

New Commercial Construction

Capabilities in all stages of new commercial construction projects.

Historical Preservation Projects

Experience and expertise working within preservation guidelines and building on historically significant land.

One Day Kitchen Remodels

Full kitchen remodel, start to finish, in 8 hours.

Residential Remodels

A recognized and respected name in residential remodel construction.

Small Scale Residential and Commercial Development

Development projects completed quickly with a high return on investment.